Grand Health Auto


Put yourself behind the wheel of an ambulance


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Grand Health Auto is a game with a similar aesthetic and control system to the first Grand Theft Auto, but instead of putting you in the skin of a criminal, you'll be playing as an ambulance driver. Your objective: to save as many of the injured people in the city as you can.

The game will always display an arrow pointing toward the location of an injured person. You'll have a limited amount of time to reach them and deliver them to the hospital door, something that's not so easy, thanks to interruptions from other cars and even the victims themselves, who run around like crazy.

So you can imagine that one of the biggest challenges in Grand Health Auto is getting to your destination without running over other pedestrians or crashing into other cars. And considering how crowded this city can get, that's no easy task.

Grand Health Auto is a short game that's a little lacking in content, although its online classifications may keep you playing for a little longer to see how good you can get, and just how many more lives you'll need to save before you get there.
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